Nature & Leisure

 We have several beaches on Hofsnäs. One of them is on the backside of the mansion surrounded by old oaks in our nature reserve Torpanäset.

Torpanäset Nature reserve
Welcome to Torpanäset. Our nature reserve lies on a cape between the two lakes Torpasjö and Åsunden.
For more information please take a look att our broschure Torpanäset Naturreservat…

In Torpasjön and Åsunden you can fish perch, pike and pike-perch…
You can buy your fishing license easily at the mansion.
There is even the possibility to hire a boat.
For more information please read our broschure  Hofsnäs fiske

Hiking trail
 There are three different hiking trails on Hofsnäs.
Please take a look att the clip below….